Adult New Reader Books

The Kaleidoscope stories for adult new readers, or readers new to English, are back in print, and now in ebooks, too.

These 16 stories for adults who read at the second-grade level appeal to the interests of grownups, not children.

“Hi, Doll” is a #MeToo whistle-blowing story that couldn’t be more current. “A Fish Story” works for guys who love fishing and telling tall tales. In “Moving South” a single mom uproots her kids to find a job.

Some of them are mysteries, including my first quilting mystery, “Dear Mary Ellen.” In 1999 I read that it was used in an ESL GED class of Latino students learning to read mysteries. I was delighted to find my little story used between Langston Hughes and Guy de Maupassant, and getting raves from the students.

They were first published by New Readers Press as separate little books.  In these four-story collections, only the pictures are new. If your program is still using the old books, you can add the stories you’re missing.

Kaleidoscope a Collection of Stories: Stop That Woman! No More Cats, Hush, Little Baby, Help Me!



Kaleidoscope a Collection of Stories: No Hunting, I’ll Be Rich, What Are Friends For? Dear Mary Ellen



Kaleidoscope a Collection of Stories: A Fish Story, Hi, Doll, What in Sam Hill? Team Player



Kaleidoscope a Collection of Stories: In My Day, Moving South, Home Run, I Didn’t Do It!



Stop That Woman! You made my face fat!” Mrs. Judd yells. “I won’t pay you.”

No More Cats! Bob says, “If a cat comes, I go.” But Jan wants a kitten.

Hush, Little Baby At last Pam’s baby is asleep. Now Tom wants to see him awake.

Help Me! In the big city, Mandy believes a man. But Mark sees a trick.

No Hunting Every fall Roy and Dot hear shots too close to home. Then Roy has an idea.

I’ll Be Rich! Marnee gets a chain letter. Will it work?

What Are Friends For? Bert and Al say they’ll help each other. Do they?

Dear Mary Ellen Ruby is 60 and a new bride. Joe says, “Don’t go down the cellar steps.”

A Fish Story Buzz, Ken, and Ed hear about a pond with good fishing. Then, in the fog, they hear a plop.

Hi, Doll Deb likes her job, all but Mac. “Hi, doll,” he says. And he’s too strong.

What in Sam Hill? Sam Hill is shopping for food, and a wife, too. His cart hits a woman. “What in Sam Hill!” she yells.

Team Player Nan is glad her son wants to play basketball. But Coach makes the boys run until they’re sick.

In My Day Hank works hard on his farm. Grandpa does things the old way. Then the power goes out.

Moving South Callie’s brother finds her a job—down South.

“Let’s go!” says Jimmy.  Jimmy loves Uncle Jim. “How can you?” yells Missy. Missy’s a cheerleader, and she has a boyfriend.

Home Run Art gets time off. Time for baseball! Beth says, “Take me out to the ball game.”

“You don’t like baseball!”

I Didn’t Do It! Dan buys a can of cold pop. Outside, he drinks it. Then he feels a hand on his back.

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