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Welcome to my web site, whether you’re a mystery lover, a music lover, a quilter, a tree hugger, care about someone with Alzheimer’s, teach adult new readers, or just like getting to know authors.  I started writing so long ago that I wrote the first Joan Spencer mystery on the manual Royal portable typewriter my father had when he was in college.  When it was time to turn it into an ebook, someone said, “You have the original Word file, of course,” and I just laughed.

Her Brother’s Keeper


The seventh Joan Spencer mystery, Her Brother’s Keeper, was published by Perseverance Press in 2013.

ISBN 978-1-56474 -525-5 $15.95.

“Frommer explores the nuances of family relationships in her well-plotted seventh Joan Spencer mystery…. She uses dialogue effectively to highlight each character’s individuality.” —Publishers Weekly
 “It’s always fun reading about heroines married to cops, and Frommer does an excellent job of compartmentalizing the role that Joan’s husband, Fred, plays in the solution to the murder.  It’s small town Indiana, and Joan is a small town girl with a big heart.  The interplay between her brother’s behavior and the mother-in-law keeps things spicy.” Shelly Glodowski, Senior Reviewer, The Midwest Book Review

Now also available as an ebook.


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